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Vacation Photographer in Tokyo – Our Experience

Vacation Photographer in Tokyo? What are you talking about?

On our last two Tokyo trips, Howie and I discovered the joys of hiring a photographer to do a photo session with us on our vacations. In particular, we really enjoy hiring one when we’re in Tokyo. Tokyo is one of the most aesthetic cities in the world to have photos done in. There is a mix of modern and traditional, busy and calm; cool things to see everywhere you look!

If you’re still obsessed with your selfie stick, we hope this post can change your mind to help you ditch it!

vacation photographer in tokyo
Taken by Daniel in Tokyo (Flytographer)

We really want nice photos to remember our vacations by and to have pictures of the both of us that aren’t selfies. However, we’re both not the best photographers for people (we’re good at food pictures though!). Instead of fretting all trip about getting the perfect shot of us both or having to constantly ask strangers to take our pictures, we’re going to get a professional to do it. This way, we can receive reliable professional travel photos of the both of us that we can be proud to hang in our home or post on social media.

Vacation Photographer in Tokyo
Vending Machines in Shibuya (Taken by Daniel in Tokyo – Flytographer)

You can book through a company like Flytographer where they have photographers in Japan and all around the world. The set up is incredibly easy and you can look through portfolios of their photographers before you book. Flytographer will host your photos online and have a guaranteed delivery date for your photos.

We chose Daniel in Tokyo for our Shibuya photos. He was very knowledgeable about the area and knew secret locations to get stunning pictures. Scroll to the bottom of the post for a $25 promo code on Flytographer shoots!

Another option is hiring the photographer on your own. We hired Kan for our photos in Shinjuku and we liked him a lot! He is very organized and personable.

vacation photographer in tokyo kan
Taken by Kan in Tokyo

When you book a photographer for your photo, you choose the date, time and location for your shoot. If you don’t know where to start, your photographer will provide you some guidance. For our pictures, we picked Shibuya during the day and Shinjuku for night.

On the day of, your photographer will meet you at the agreed upon location and take pictures of you in different areas. They will know exactly where to take the pictures and if you’re awkward at posing (like us!), they will give you suggestions on how to pose. It’s a very easy process and the time goes by so fast. It’s also nice to have a Tokyo local point out little facts around the city that you might not have known.


Getting a Vacation Photographer in Tokyo is always one of the highlights of our Japan trips. We love that we receive fun photos to remember our trip by! Seeing our vacation photos always makes us reminisce about the amazing vacation we had. We print off our favorite pictures and frame them in a gallery wall for a stunning effect. You’d put professional photos up to show off but we bet you wouldn’t post selfies on the wall for guests to see!

kan in tokyo vacation photographer
Taken by Kan in Shinjuku

So the downside to getting your pictures taken by a photographer is that it’s more expensive than a selfie on your phone.

If you want to save some money, you can try following all the vacation photographers in Tokyo you’re interested in hiring on Instagram. Occasionally, they might post promotions that you might be able to take advantage of if the timing is right.

You also take advantage of the promo code with Flytographer (for any of their photographers, not just ones in Tokyo!). We have a special $25 off promo code for our readers if you book with them: click here for the promo.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or comments! We have lots of other Japan travel posts so be sure to read them if you’re interested!

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