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vacation photographer in tokyo

Vacation Photographer in Tokyo – Our Experience

Vacation Photographer in Tokyo? What are you talking about? On our last two Tokyo trips, Howie and I discovered the joys of hiring a photographer to do a photo session with us on our vacations. In particular, we really enjoy hiring one when we’re in Tokyo. Tokyo is one of the most aesthetic cities in […]

Toyoko Inn Tokyo

Toyoko Inn Review – Best Affordable Tokyo Hotel

Toyoko Inn is a hotel chain in Japan with locations in every location you can imagine from Tokyo to Osaka to Hiroshima and everything in between. This is our favorite hotel chain to stay in because it is very affordable even in a city like Tokyo. It is a no-frills kind of hotel and provides […]

Bistro CLEANTE Tokyo storefront
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Bistro CLEANTE Tokyo – Tokyo Station

We were walking around Tokyo on New Year’s Eve trying to find something for dinner. Oops, turns out we didn’t realize that 99% of restaurants would be closed. So when we realized the restaurants in Tokyo Station were still open, we were ecstatic. We chose Bistro CLEANTE Tokyo because well, you know we love our […]


EASY Crane Game Tips and Tricks

Ahhh, Japan. The land of plentiful crane games (sometimes referred to as UFO catchers or claw machine). We can never resist stopping in an arcade. This trip, we won 10 plushies! You can watch some of our wins on our Instagram Stories. Now, we want to share with YOU our tips and tricks on how […]