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Are you on the hunt for cheap sushi in TOKYO? Look no further than HamaSushi. They are located ALL over in Japan with over 500 restaurants. Their sushi starts at 100 yen! 100 yen! Where else are you going to find sushi for cheaper than that especially in an expensive city like Tokyo?

Read below for our honest review about HamaSushi. If you’re curious, the location we went to was by Haneda Airport. The address is: 3 Chome-4-5 Haginaka, Ota City, Tokyo 144-0047, Japan

HamaSushi has a lot of food and drinks (including non-alcoholic). You can obviously order a variety of sushi but there’s drinks, dessert and hot cooked items like chicken karaage. Spoiler alert: We ordered 3 orders of the chicken karaage because it was THAT good.


HamaSushi offers cheap sushi in Japan so of course they’re going to be super popular. You might need to wait but there will be a handy tablet at the front of the restaurant. You can put down how many people are in the party and if you prefer individual booths or a booth seating. There is options for different languages on the table.

When you get to your table, you will notice that there is a table there too. You can toggle between different languages. Then you start to order what you want!

You can make small customizations to your sushi. The food will arrive delivered to you on the revolving band. You grab it when it stops in front of you. The only exception is that if you ordered drinks, a server will bring it to you.

Everything you need including sauces, napkins and cutlery is available for you at your table. There is also free tea!


The prices start at 100 yen and more “expensive” dishes might swing up to 300 yen. I believe the ramen was something like 250 yen. Yes, it’s cheap but part of why HamaSushi can offer such low prices is that the portions are much smaller. The bowl of ramen had meat, half a ramen egg and noodles. However, you can’t just order that and expect to be full. It is however, a wonderful way to try different menu items. You can always reorder if you like something.

In our picture of the 100 yen tempura, you can see the pieces aren’t very big and you only get 2 pieces. For us, this is acceptable because of how low the price is. If HamaSushi was charging 300 yen for this tempura, we’d be a lot unhappier.


All the food came out quickly and hot items were piping hot. We noticed that for sushi pieces, they sliced it slightly thinner than we’re used to at a more expensive sushi place. Again, we think that is fair considering the price.

For the quality of the sushi, it is not the best sushi we’ve ever had. However, the price is 1/3 of the sushi we expect to find in Tokyo. We would say that there is great sushi to be found in Japan and this would be good sushi. HamaSushi isn’t here to blow your mind with quality but it offers solid, budget friendly options.

As a bonus: the staff working at HamaSushi were incredibly nice and helped us when we were initially confused. We noticed that we were the only tourists eating at the restaurant. Other Japanese patrons ordered plates and plates of food. It was quite impressive seeing how much food other diners ordered at HamaSushi.


Would we come back to HamaSushi? YES!

Do we think you should try HamaSushi? YES!

The menu is very expansive and there will be something for everyone. Whether you have a picky eater or someone with dietary restrictions in your party, everyone can find something to eat or drink on the menu.

The cheap prices really helps overlook the portion sizes. We kept ordering so much food and our bill was 3454 yen. I was expecting double that compared to what we ordered. Note we ordered way more food than what the pictures show.

This isn’t our first time eating revolving sushi in Japan but it is the cheapest we’ve ever had it! If you love Japan travel and honest opinions, be sure to follow us on Instagram as well!

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