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Chapman’s Ice Cream – *NEW* Super Twister Cone

With the weather getting warmer and warmer each day, have you made your ice cream plans yet? We’re asking, have you added ice cream as a regular item on your weekly grocery list? If you haven’t, we know just the ice cream cone for you to add to your freezer! Let us introduce to you the NEW Chocolate Super Twister Ice Cream Cone from Chapman’s Ice Cream!  Hold your applause because we have so much to tell you about this decadently delicious ice cream cone!

We can’t resist this ice cream!

This ice cream cone is part of their Super line. The Super Twister Cone features winning combos of two ingredients “twisted” into one ice cream cone. In this case, it is chocolate and vanilla. Each box contains 4 sugar and 4 chocolate cones. Personally, I like the sugar cone better but Howie (the chocolate monster) loves the chocolate cones. Whatever your preference is though, the cones are both equally delicious.

Chapman's Ice Cream super cone
Two Super Twister Cones are better than one!

Biting into the ice cream is a treat in itself. You get a mouthful of tasty ice cream mixed with chocolate. What a combination! The vanilla and chocolate pair very well together.

Now, we have to share a little secret with you. What sets the Chocolate Super Twister ice cream cone from everything else out there? The secret is in the core of the ice cream. The geniuses at Chapman’s Ice Cream injected delicious chocolate syrup in the centre of the ice cream. It is our favorite part of the ice cream and we make sure to take an extra time to savor the moment when we hit that chocolate chunk.

We’re warning you now, this box of 8 cones won’t last very long in the freezer! Now that the weather is warmer, we really like to bring out a cone each (sorry, we’re not sharing these!) onto the patio and wind down after a busy day. There’s nothing like a delicious ice cream cone at the end of the day!

super twister  cone
Find them in your grocery store!

If you haven’t tried the Chocolate Super Twister Ice Cream Cone out yet, be sure to find it at your local grocery store. Chapman’s Ice Cream has a handy store locator on their website here. To find out more about their new products for 2021, be sure to check out their website. We’ll be back soon with more reviews about their products so stay tuned!

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