Michelin Star Tokyo Restaurants – Cheap Eats & Reservation Tips

Michelin Star Tokyo Restaurants

Did you know that at the time of writing this post, Tokyo has 500+ restaurant recommendations in the Michelin Guide? That’s not even including their recommendations for hotels! Michelin Star Tokyo Restaurants are not to be missed!

We know it can be overwhelming to choose between all of them so we’ve compiled our favorite Michelin Star Tokyo Restaurants in a handy list for you. We like a good budget meal so while these meals might not be dirt cheap, they can definitely be considered budget friendly.

Plus, we will let you know exactly how we got reservations (if needed) to these Michelin Star Tokyo Restaurants!

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1. Ginza Toyoda

Reason to Visit: One Michelin Star restaurant focused on providing impeccable Japanese tastes. Restaurant is a tranquil, small space with excellent service. Go for lunch to experience the food at 1/3 the price of dinner.

Price: 12,100 yen (30, 250 yen for dinner)

Reservations: Bookable online. You must make reservations to dine at Ginza Toyoda.

Full review on our blog: here.

2. Seisoka

Reason to Visit: Seisoka prides itself on using fresh, local ingredients. The menu changes frequently depending on what is best for the menu. Go for lunch to experience this wonder of Japanese culinary feat at a fraction of the cost for dinner.

Price: 7, 700 yen for lunch

Reservations: Must call in to reserve a table (in Japanese). You will need someone who speaks Japanese to make the booking over the phone for you. You can either pay concierge services to do it or stay at a 5 Star Tokyo hotel and have their team make reservations for you.

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3. L’ATELIER de Joel Robuchon Tokyo (Roppongi)

Reason to Visit: Famous chef Joel Robuchon has many restaurants and bakeries around the world. You must stop by to sample some of the best French cuisine found any where in the world (including Paris!) at a very reasonable price. You will leave feeling awed and full.

Price: 6, 000 yen for lunch course.

Reservations: You must make reservations to dine at L’Atleier de Joel Robuchon (Roppongi). You can book online but you will only be seated at a counter. If you want to dine at a table, you must call in to make reservations (in Japanese or English)/

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4. Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais

Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais in Tokyo
Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais in Tokyo

Reason to Visit: Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais offers incredible value for a Michelin restaurant. Their 3 course lunch is an unbeatable price. The chef’s pride and love for French cuisine is found in every dish.

Price: 2, 950 yen for lunch course.

Reservations: You must make reservations to dine at Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais. You can make reservations online.

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5. Ginza Katsukami (Michelin Bib Gourmand)

Reason to Visit: While Ginza Katsukami does not have a Michelin Star (yet?) it has been awarded with the Bib Gourmand distinction. Ginza Katsukami is worth the stop because there is nothing more delightful than their perfectly flavoured and cooked tonkatsu that melts in your mouth. The menu is a carefully curated orchestra that will leave you completely satisfied.

Price: 3, 800 yen and higher for lunch courses.

Reservations: You must make reservations to dine at Ginza Katsukami. You can make reservations online.

Full review on our blog: here.

BONUS: Prince Gallery Kioicho – Japanese Breakfast

Reason to Visit: The Michelin Guide has recommended the Prince Gallery Kioicho Tokyo in their guide. We think you should stop by and enjoy a traditional Japanese breakfast. This is an incredibly filing meal that will get you started for a day of exploring in Tokyo.

Price: 4, 000 yen.

Reservations: Reservations recommended. Best to call hotel (in English or Japanese) to make a reservation.

Full review on our blog: here.

We have tried to keep this list of Michelin Star Tokyo Restaurants as updated as possible but things do change such as links and prices. If you have any questions about this post, please leave us a comment or reach out to us on our Instagram!

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