Truffle Bakery Tokyo – Worth the visit? (Honest Review)

Truffle Bakery in Tokyo is an incredibly chain of bakeries in Japan right now. It’s blown up all over social medical and people queue to get a shot at buying their baked goods.

The trouble with such popular places is I’m always afraid that influencers are overhyping the food and it’s not actually that good. Rest assured, you’ll always get our HONEST opinion as we’re not sponsored by anyone.

We had the pleasure of visiting one of their locations in Tokyo on our most recent visit. On our Instagram page, we have a mini review for Truffle Bakery! However, keep reading if you’d like a more in depth review of our visit.

Truffle Bakery Tokyo Locations

Truffle Bakery has some standalone locations like Truffle Bakery Hiroo (5 Chome-15-16 Minamiazabu, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0047, Japan). We actually passed by it after we finished eating at Seisoka. It was past lunch time and there was a huge line of Japanese people excitedly waiting in line. We had no idea what it was at the time!

So note that Truffle Bakery has several other smaller locations that are called “Edition” or “mini”. They can be found inside or outside of train stations. Two very easy to access locations of these smaller shops are:

  • TRUFFLE mini JR Tokyo Station (Warning: Has lots of lineups throughout the day)
  • TRUFFLE mini EDITION Shimbashi Shop (The location we ended up buying from)

Be aware that there isn’t a place to eat at these small locations so we just took our purchase back to the hotel.

Tips to Avoid the Lineup

Honestly…best tip is to go early. Popular items do sell out by the end of the day. Go early if you don’t want to miss out!

We went at opening for the Shimbashi Shop (8am) and there were people waiting already. If you don’t like waiting or having things sold out, we would recommend going between 8am – 10am. If you can visit on a weekday, that’s probably even better.

Full Honest Review of the Food

So we only got a couple things to try:

  • Melon Pan
  • Truffle Bakery’s Salted Buns

You can see melon pan was 298 yen which is on the pricier side of melon pans especially one that is so small. There wasn’t anything special to it and we felt it was expensive for what we got. If you want a better melon pan, try another bakery that specializes in baking melon pan.

On the other hand, we LOVED the salted truffle buns that made Truffle Bakery famous! When you bake open the bread, you can see specks of truffle baked into it. Honestly, when you open up the bag, you can already get a whiff of that beautiful scent. The bread is incredibly light and fluffy. While they aren’t the biggest pieces of bread, it was a wonderful breakfast treat. We should’ve bought more than one each.

Our recommendation is that you enjoy these truffle buns while they’re still warm. Do not keep them with you all day. Have a couple for breakfast and be on your way to exploring Tokyo!

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