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vacation photographer in tokyo

Vacation Photographer in Tokyo – Our Experience

Vacation Photographer in Tokyo? What are you talking about? On our last two Tokyo trips, Howie and I discovered the joys of hiring a photographer to do a photo session with us on our vacations. In particular, we really enjoy hiring one when we’re in Tokyo. Tokyo is one of the most aesthetic cities in […]

Water St. Cafe - meatball pappardelle
Restaurant Review

Water St. Cafe – Great Pasta in Gastown

Do you ever find yourself wondering where to get good pasta in Gastown, Vancouver? You might remember that we previously went to Water St. Cafe this summer. Well, we’re back again and this time, we’re sampling three of their pastas and we want to tell you all about them! MORNING CARBONARA If you happen to […]

Restaurant Review

Cheap Lobster in Vancouver – Plus Secret Tip

Cheap lobster in Vancouver? Is it possible? If you’re looking to get a deal on lobster, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re about to tell you our favorite restaurant to get cheap lobster meal from all year round! The kind of lobster we’re talking about is made in Chinese restaurants. So if you’re […]