Chapman's Ice Cream pistachio almonds

Chapman’s Ice Cream – *NEW* Pistachio & Almonds Flavor

Spring is here and we are so excited for the longer days and warmer weather! Do you know what else we’re excited for? Chapman’s Ice Cream has just come out with the newest member to their Premium Ice Cream line. The new flavour is Pistachio & Almonds and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!


First, you might be wondering what the Premium Ice Cream line is. Well, this line is for those who want to eat the best scoop of ice cream possible. Made with premium ingredients, these ice creams are designed to be velvety smooth and tastes irresistibly good. These flavours (there’s 18 of them!) are available in 2L tubs.

Chapman's Ice Cream pistachio almonds
Pistachio and Almonds Flavour

As the new addition to the Premium Ice Cream line, Pistachio & Almonds deserves to be there. When we first tried this new flavour, we couldn’t decide what we were more impressed with. Was it how smooth the ice cream felt on our tongue? Oh, but there’s that beautiful crunch from the nuts! When we bite into the almonds, this releases a fragrant flavour that compliments beautifully with the rich ice cream. 

By the way, a common complaint we have with some ice creams is how hard they are to scoop. We have to leave them out on the counter until we can scoop them but then the ice cream melts. We found that this ice cream was easy to scoop out when it came right out of the freezer. No needing to wait!

Chapman's Ice Cream pistachio almonds
The 2L tub is perfect for us!

The Pistachio and & Almonds flavour has a beautiful hue to it and it would make a lovely addition to any dessert that you’re creating. Personally, we really like eating it on its own. The reason is that the aromas of the nuts come through very strongly and we want to savor each bite. 

For our treat nights at home, we like to indulge with two scoops each (because who can stop at one?!) and it’s the perfect after dinner snack. We are VERY happy that the Pistachio & Almonds flavour comes in a 2L tub because anything smaller just couldn’t cut it for us! 

If you’re looking for delicious ice cream with an enticing flavour, be sure to check out the Pistachio & Almonds flavour from Chapman’s Ice Cream! You can find more about this product and all their other new products here.

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