Phnom Penh Part III

Ok y’all – did you seriously think we would stop writing about our trips to Phnom Penh? This trip is a special one because I didn’t go with Howie, I went with a friend visiting from Texas. She’s actually been here before and said it’s one of her favorite restaurants so of course we ordered the chicken wings she’s been dreaming of. We also did two other dishes to go with the meal.

Phnom Penh – Vietnamese Steamed Crepes

This dish reminds me of my childhood because my mom knew a Vietnamese lady who would make these at home and then sell them. My mom would buy these and make them for me as a breakfast. That’s right – no Fruit Loops for me but authentic Vietnamese food to start my day!

I love the delicate rice wrapper used to hold together the mushrooms and pork. It’s thin but manages to have such a wonderful bite to them. I love the spices used in the pork. I will say that I find them to be slightly dry which is fine because I just use a few drops of soy sauce and then it’s god to good!

There’s also slices of Vietnamese ham laid on top of the crepes. Fried garlic is sprinkled on top adding that extra punch of flavor. I can’t find this dish at every Vietnamese restaurant so I make sure to order this dish whenever I can here.

Phnom Penh – Special Combo A

I really wanted my friend to try the beef brochette so I thought this Special Combo A would be a great way for her to sample it. It also comes with spring rolls and Prawn Supreme.

The spring rolls were hot and crispy! They nearly burned my tongue so be careful. I liked that they were jam packed with shrimp and meat – absolutely delicious! The Prawn Supreme didn’t impress me that much. It was densely packed prawn on a sugar cane but I didn’t find it to have that much flavor. I think I’ll skip on it next time but will re-order the spring rolls!


FYI we came at 11 on a Friday and waited about 20 minutes. As usual, the staff were very quick to serve customers. We think if we came about 10 minutes earlier than we wouldn’t have had to wait. Food for thought in case you’re wondering when to go!

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