Stuie’s Diner


What to eat in Dawson Creek? We’re 750 miles from Vancouver and we’re asking the most important question a foodie will have.

We’re currently here because Howie works here part-time and occasionally I’ll fly up for the weekend to see him. We usually cook at home or go to a fast food place but today we decided to try something a local might eat. While we were driving saw Stuie’s Diner and decided to give it a go! Although we arrived at 1pm and the place was packed. Hmm…did we stumble upon a local gem?

Steak Hoagie – Stuie’s Diner

We both like our beef so y’all know that we couldn’t pass up on ordering a freaking steak hoagie! There’s something about the meat, cheese, onions and mushroom coming together to make an absolutely lethal combo. The bun wasn’t anything special – it might have been warm at some point but it wasn’t by the time we were eating. However, this didn’t ruin the sandwich for us.

The fries were hella weak though. They didn’t hold the crispy crunch I like with fries. There wasn’t a lot of flavor to them. I saw a lot of tables who ordered gravy to dip the fries in and maybe they knew something we didn’t.

Smoked Meat Sandwich – Stuie’s Diner

When the server brought this plate to us, Howie looked at me and commented that we never ever order this sandwich. It’s true – there’s not many smoked meat places in Vancouver so we don’t get a lot of changes to eat it.

We felt that they could have given a bit more meat for this sandwich – I always thought these sandwiches should be FULLY LOADED. The sandwich also came with a layer of sauerkraut. This may be a personal preference but I didn’t care that much for it. I would say we liked the steak sandwich a lot more than this. The fries here were the same situation.

Onions Rings – Stuie’s Diner

After the disappointment of the fries, we’re glad we ordered an order onion rings. Let me just say – these onion rings delivered! Perfectly crispy and not too much batter, they were everything an onion ring should be. They were piping hot and we devoured these pretty quick. Thanks for saving the day, onion rings!

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