Jade Seafood Restaurant

Oops we did it again…! We went to another place for dim sum. Like with Empire Seafood Restaurant, Jade Seafood Restaurant offers 20% off their dim sum if you go before 11. We can never resist a good deal and it’s easy to walk into Jade without reservations if you go early!

Jade Seafood Restaurant – Har Gao

First up, Howie’s favorite! The shrimp dumplings otherwise known as har gao. Unfortunately, it seems that Sea Harbour Seafood is the only place we’ve come across so far that offers 5 pieces of har gao. While this dish wasn’t anything to write home about, this satisfied Howie’s craving. The wrapping wasn’t as thin as he’d like it and we felt that there should have been more shrimp.

Shui Mai

Now it’s time for my favorite dish! The fatty pork mixed with shrimp! The fish roe on top! The delicate wrapper! All these things make up the shui mai and it’s one my favorites. This dish arrived piping hot and I was so pleased. This wasn’t overly salty or fatty which is always a fear of mine. I would rank this higher in terms of quality compared to the har gao.

Beef Rice Rolls

If we didn’t already get har gao which has shrimp in it, we would’ve picked shrimp rice rolls. There’s several fillings that are commonly found in these rolls such as beef, mushrooms, Chinese donut or fishpaste.

I personally really like the mix of the beef with the Chinese parsley – something about the combo is so tasty! We also add a generous amount of the sweet soy sauce to this. The sweet/savory combo makes this dish an absolute delight.

Pan Fried Bean Curd Roll stuffed w/ Shrimp & Watercress

Since we were so good about only ordering steamed dishes, we chose a deep fried dish to end our meal with! We’ve never had this here before and yet this pan fried bean curd roll satisfied that craving for something crunchy. These bad boys were stuffed with shrimp though we do wish there was more flavor. I kept using the sweet sauce they provided.


While Jade Seafood isn’t our favorite dim sum place in Vancouver to go to, we can see ourselves coming bad for the 20% discount. The food was decent enough and I could always use another serving of har gao!

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