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Restaurant Review

Phnom Penh Part III

Ok y’all – did you seriously think we would stop writing about our trips to Phnom Penh? This trip is a special one because I didn’t go with Howie, I went with a friend visiting from Texas. She’s actually been here before and said it’s one of her favorite restaurants so of course we ordered […]

Restaurant Review

Phnom Penh Review – Part II

Is anyone surprised that we’ve gone back to Phnom Penh? Well you shouldn’t be surprised because we’re always trying to find excuses to go back! You’ll know that we frequent this joint if you check our Instagram! It’s like we’ve been cursed, we can’t stay away too long from this place. When the craving for […]

Restaurant Review

Phnom Penh

It was one of those rare nights where we both finished work early and found ourselves in downtown Vancouver. The question we asked was where we should go for dinner. The two options: happy hour or Phnom Penh. We chose Phnom Penh because we don’t ever get to stop by at non-peak lunch or dinner […]