Peninsula Chicago Hotel Breakfast – Worth It?

Do you think that eating the Peninsula Chicago Hotel Breakfast will be good? We had no idea what to expect for our first trip to Chicago. We’ve been known to line up for breakfast and would hate for any meal to disappoint us! The most important meal of the day has to tasty. The name of the restaurant is The Lobby and it has ample, plush seating.


First off, we didn’t pay for our breakfast at the Peninsula Chicago. We booked our hotel through the American Express Fine Hotel and Resort (FHR) collection. One of the perks is of doing this is that we were given a $74 USD daily breakfast credit. This went very far in helping us stay on budget for our trip as we didn’t have to worry about setting aside breakfast money. We also ate enough at the Peninsula Chicago for breakfast that we usually skipped lunch. You might want to consider getting an American Express card to unlock FHR benefits!


Ok, now that we cleared up how we’re doing this on a budget, let us show you what we ate at the Peninsula Chicago Hotel for breakfast!

Toasted Bagel & Smoked Salmon

We REALLY appreciated how much salmon and cream cheese this dish had. Sometimes places skimp out and it’s no fun to have a smoked salmon bagel without a ton of smoked salmon.

The “Pen-edict”

Continuing on the seafood theme, this lobster eggs Benedict is subject to availability. The cost is $38 per plate and they DO run out so don’t hesitate. This decadent dish has whole lobster tail, caviar, toasted croissant, truffle hollandaise and shaved truffle. When was the last time you combined caviar, lobster and truffle together?!

We HIGHLY recommend this dish if you have free breakfast credit. We wouldn’t have been able to justify splurge on this without it.

Waffle with Fresh Berries

We STILL talk about this waffle meal. The waffles were light and fluffy. We have never had such pillowy waffles before. We loved that they gave us a jar of high quality syrup to go with this dish.

The Peninsula Breakfast
Juice and Coffee

The Peninsula Breakfast is a VERY good deal because while it’s $38 just like the lobster eggs benny, this one comes with juice and coffee. They also do free refills of coffee! If you’re craving a traditional breakfast, be sure to grab the Peninsula Breakfast.

Avocado Toast

This avocado was so packed with flavour – we were shocked! It’s probably one of the best avocado toasts we’ve ever had. There’s so much flavour from the sunflower seeds and beets as well as the creamy avocado.

Green Frittata

The green frittata seems the least exciting dish out of all of the ones we’ve shown you. However, we recommend this dish if you’re looking for a simple, clean breakfast. You’ll feel great after eating this – look at all the greens it has! It’s amazing to pair with the richness of the lobster eggs benedict.


The Lobby

Eating our free breakfast every morning during our stay at The Lobby was such a delight. As you can see, the dining room is has a very nice ambience to it. We sat in those plush chairs and just relaxed before setting off for the day of sightseeing. The service was great and no detail was missed. Our comfort as guests was always of the highest priority to the staff. Whether or not you’re staying at the hotel, we recommend you stop by The Lobby for some breakfast.

We have to give a shoutout to Amex for their FHR program and helping us save so much money! We are bargain hunters and knowing that we have a free daily breakfast put a spring in our step.


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