Baglioni Hotel Rome Breakfast – Luxury and Delicious

The Baglioni Hotel Rome breakfast…what can we say except that we had the time of our lives at this breakfast buffet?

While we were in room, we stayed at the Baglioni Hotel which is a luxurious 5 star. As usual, we booked our stay through American Express‘ Fine Hotels & Resorts (FHR) program. We were thus able to enjoy the breakfast buffet for free. If you don’t book through the FHR program, the hotel does offer breakfast included options. It looks about 35 euro extra. We think that this is a good price to assign the value.

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Dining Area

The Baglioni Hotel Rome breakfast team offers impeccable service. The staff seated us promptly in the morning and took our order for drinks. There are always staff milling around unobtrusively to quickly clear your plates or to ask if you want a refill on your beverage. We noticed that for guests who brought a bag like a purse to the dining room, the staff arranged a little box for under their table so they don’t have to place bags on the floor. Excellent service all around! We loved that every table has delicious little jams and cloth napkins. It really added to the luxury atmosphere.


For the cold items, there’s so many things to choose from! They have a ton of cold cut meats, salad fixtures, fruits. There’s also plenty of cheese and yogurt options. Hotel Baglioni Rome has thought of everything for the breakfasts. Even if you have some dietary restrictions, there will be enough food for you.

Even their yogurts have 7 different selections to choose from! We would recommend trying the honey and coffee flavour. But overall, the yogurts were all super yummy. Make sure you save some room to make yourself a cheese plate because they have a lot of options!

We didn’t get a picture but there’s also a self-serve drinks station with lots of juices and water (both sparkling and non-sparkling). You can help yourself or if you want to order a coffee or latte, you can ask the staff. They will bring it to your table for you!

Dessert Breads

Baglioni Hotel Rome has not one but two tables filled with carbs. This is the dessert bread table but they also have a table of non-sweet breads. There is also a toaster you can heat your bread up with.

Fruit Selection

You can get full sized fruit or you can build your own fruit bowl with pieces of cut from fruit. They had everything from pineapples to blood oranges (highly recommend!) to pears. Everything tasted very sweet and fresh.

There are also hot breakfast items options if that’s what you’re craving. Along with everything else in the breakfast buffet, these trays were refilled quite quickly when items ran out. We saw staff and the chef peer in quite often to make sure items were constantly topped up. All the hot items were hot. Nothing ever ran stale or cold.

We highly recommend the tomatoes and the sausages! Those were definitely our favorites and we had second (maybe third??) helpings!

There were no pancakes or waffle but we heard a guest order it a la carte. We’re not sure if you order breakfast items if you’ll get charged or not.


If you can’t tell, we had an absolutely fabulous time eating at the Baglioni Hotel Rome. The breakfast buffet options were amazing and everything tasted great! The staff were so attentive and quick to help, it made for such a wonderful start to the day.

With so many options, you can eat as healthy or not as you want. Whether you book through the FHR program or the hotel website, we think there’s incredible value in getting the breakfast buffet. Rome can be a bit expensive to eat in and having some extra calories in the morning helped our travel budget. Doesn’t hurt that the food is so delicious!

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