Rosewood Hotel Georgia Breakfast – Honest Review

Have you wondered what the Rosewood Hotel Georgia Breakfast would be like? You need to read our review of our stay at this beautiful downtown Vancouver hotel to find out!

You might remember that we love a good Vancouver staycation. As always, we love booking hotels with our American Express Platinum Card as it offers so many great benefits for its cardholders. One of the perks from booking through the American Express Fine Hotel & Resort program was a free breakfast. This time, the Rosewood Hotel Georgia offered us a free breakfast. We were given a $30 USD per person, per day to use for in-room dining or at their hotel restaurant.

We were lucky enough to try both the in-room dining and hotel lobby breakfast here and we would love to share our honest thoughts with you!

Rosewood Hotel Georgia Breakfast French Toast

Rosewood Georgia Hotel Breakfast at 1927 Lobby Lounge

For our first and third mornings at the hotel, we opted to dine at the hotel restaurant, 1927 Lobby Lounge. For breakfast, you don’t need to make reservations as there’s plenty of seating. However, we heard that during cocktail hour, it’s usually recommended. There’s lots of plush seating around the restaurant and you can settle in and get cozy.

Salmon Eggs Benedict

Ari loves eggs benedicts because she finds them super hard to make at home. Unfortunately, they did not have lobster eggs benedict available but she was happy to settle for a salmon eggs benedict. The real star of the show of this dish was surprisingly the hash brown! It was perfectly fried and had crispy edges but soft potato inside. For such a nice hotel, we wish they had done something fancier with the tomatoes like roasted them and thrown some spices on. This dish was perfectly fine but didn’t have any superstar qualities to it.

French Toast

Howie got the French toast which came loaded with fresh berries. Syrup was supplied and a nice dusting of powdered sugar was on top. This is a great dish if you have a bit of a sweet tooth in the morning!


We also ordered a smoothie to share between us. This smoothie cost $14 which is pretty pricey even for Vancouver standards. Would we order again if we had to pay? Probably not! This is why the free breakfast credit from the Amex FHR comes in so handy!

Omelette and Avocado Toast

On our last morning at the hotel, we ordered quite a few things. We had an omelette, avocado toast, ham and sausage. Everything is perfectly fine but there wasn’t an outstanding dish that made us feel like this place deserved a five star rating from us.


Room Service

One thing that did stand out to us was how great ordering room service at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia was. The staff member came promptly to set up our breakfast for the time we ordered it for. It was so comfortable dining in our room when we had a lazy morning! We also super appreciated that they brought a complimentary serving of coffee for the both of us.

Room Service Meal

We ordered a fairly standard breakfast of salmon cream cheese bagel, standard breakfast and some croissants. Room service is slightly more expensive than dining at the restaurant but it’s a lovely experience and you should definitely try it here. The fresh flowers on the table were also such a nice touch!


Salmon Bagel

Overall, we had a great time eating our free breakfasts at Rosewood Hotel Georgia. While we didn’t think the food was outstanding we thought we still got great value thanks to our American Express Platinum card. We also felt that the room service was such a nice experience and would recommend it to anyone staying at the hotel. Go try it and let us know what you think!

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