Chapmans's Ice Cream Sandwich

Chapman’s Ice Cream – Ice Cream Sandwich Review

Think Chapman’s Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich is an ordinary ice cream sandwich? Think again!

Chapmans's Ice Cream Sandwich

On our last grocery trip, it was Howie’s turn to pick out which dessert he wanted to bring home. There are a lot of choices in the ice cream aisle and I honestly wasn’t sure which one he would pick.

“That’s the one!” he exclaimed and pulled the box from the freezer. He chose a box of Chapman’s Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich for our dessert. I asked him why this ice cream out of any of the choices available to us and he said it reminded him of summer days as a kid. These ice cream sandwiches are also one of his favorite comfort ice cream treats.


These ice cream sandwiches are honestly the perfect after dinner dessert for us. The sandwiches are a good size to enjoy without being overly large in portion after a nice meal at home. The ice cream is sandwiched between two chocolate wafers. We love the combo of the vanilla ice cream with the chocolate wafers. The wafers are soft to bite down into and releases that delicious chocolate aroma. The vanilla flavour will quickly follow and pulls you into a deep sense of comfort. The ice cream itself is creamy and sweet. A delightful treat!


When we are able to see our friends outside for picnics or barbecues, we can see ourselves packing up a box in our cooler to share. We’re very sensitive to our friends’ allergies and food intolerances when we choose what to share. This product is made in a peanut and nut free facility. If you’re ever unsure if a product is made in such a facility, you can look for the red banner on the front of Chapman’s boxes. With these ice cream sandwiches, we can feel good that we know what we’re giving our friends to eat.

Each box of Chapman’s Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich comes with 12 ice cream sandwiches. They’re the perfect treat to keep in the freezer for yourself or grab a box to share with the people you love! 

Chapman’s offers many delicious products so be sure to learn more about them on their website

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