Sina Villa Medici Hotel – Florence with a View


Welcome to our review of the Sina Villa Medici hotel in Florence! We had just arrived from Rome and we were excited to get settled in. We had the chance to stay here and it was such a lovely hotel to rest at. This hotel is located just outside of the city center in Florence so it’s about a 10 minute walk away from the “main” sights. While it is not right in the heart of things, it allows for a quieter, much more relaxing experience.


We have to be honest in our review of the Sina Villa Medici. We were given the Deluxe Room available, which was a one category upgrade from the original room we booked. No complaints there from us! It was very nice of the hotel to give us a complimentary upgrade. We felt that this room was a little bit older and maybe could use some renovations. You can see from the bedding that it’s not perfectly ironed out. Above the right side of the bed there seems to be a stain. There is also (not pictured) a small chair and table to sit at. Overall, while this room is the height of luxury, it is still spacious enough for us to enjoy.

The bathroom was actually fairly large with both a bathtub and a shower. Fairly standard fixtures but we enjoyed that it was large and not a tiny shoebox. Housekeeping was very good at replenishing all the toiletries.


While the room itself wasn’t the best we’ve ever had, we certainly enjoyed the fact that this room had a balcony. What a pleasant view it has! In front of us are charming homes while further in the distance you can see the classic Florentine landmarks. Because this hotel is a little further out of the way, it was peaceful and quiet here.

The room also overlooks the hotel restaurant and the pool. Since we were there in March, it was too cold for anyone to swim there. Still, it was nice to look down at the tranquil lawn and pool

To enjoy the view, there is a little patio area to sit at. We brought out some snacks and drinks to sit and just stare out. That’s how a vacation should be! Relaxation and some down time with the ones you love.


We didn’t think the room itself was the fanciest that we’ve ever stayed in, the beautiful view made up for it. The staff were very kind and looked after us very well. We were welcomed with an assortment of snacks which was a nice tough. The turndown service was unexpected but welcomed. During peak season, the hotel prices can drop drastically and we would recommend staying at the Sina Villa Medici during those times.

If you’re looking for a good guide to Florence, we can recommend the Lonely Planet‘s guidebook. This guidebook followed us all around and was super helpful to us.

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