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voco Seoul – Affordable Seoul Hotel

Are you looking for an afford Seoul hotel? voco Seoul has our vote!

voco Seoul is a new hotel that opened up in spring 2022. By the time we visited in the fall, it was fully operational and the staff were all in sync with each other and the hotel. This hotel is located in the bougie Gangnam district in Seoul and has easy access to restaurants, shops and the subway station. Whether we’re in Florence or Vancouver, you know that we love our hotels especially if it’s a good deal!


voco seoul king bedroom

We booked the 1 King Bed Premium Bath Tub room for about $170CAD per night and stayed at the hotel for 6 nights. To our surprise, the hotel gave us a complimentary upgrade to the room with the hinoki bathtub (more on that later). There is a difference of about $40CAD a night so we were delighted that we were offered this upgrade. It probably helps that we are Platinum members with IHG. However, our stay was for so long and during holiday season so we expected them not to give us a complimentary upgrade.


The room is modern and functional. The king bed takes up most of the space but there is a seating area with a table for us to lounge in. There is also a neatly organized closet for us to store all our things in. This is not bare bones basic but does not have unnecessary frills.

voco seoul namsam tower view

From our room on the 11th floor, we can see straight over to Namsam Tower. At night, you can see the twinkling lights of Seoul from the room. We liked the floor to ceiling windows very much!


affordable seoul hotel free minibar voco seoul

One of the greatest perks of this voco Seoul is the complimentary minibar. This is what tipped it into a very affordable Seoul hotel for us. We have never stayed in a hotel that has offered us so many free drinks! Traditionally, we have thought of hotel minibars as the place where the hotel gouges the guest. voco Seoul refreshes the minibar daily during housekeeping. There is a mix of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Not having to buy our water was such a nice perk.

affordable seoul hotel voco seoul

Above the mini bar is a little area where you can make tea or other hot drinks. There is packets of hot chocolate and crackers here. Housekeeping also kept this area clean and refreshed it daily!

voco Seoul Hinoki Bathtub

Our favourite part of this hotel room was the hinoki bathtub. It is the perfect place to soak in after a long day of being on your feet. There is nothing better than relaxing in this tub and smelling the oaky scent of the wood while you soak in hot water. There is also a tray to balance your items if you want to bring them with you for your bath.

If you’re not feeling like having a bath, you can also take a shower! It is located on the opposite side of the bath tub. The rainfall shower head is very relaxing as well!


hinoki bath tub voco seoul

We think that voco Seoul is truly a great affordable Seoul hotel for those who don’t have champagne budgets. voco Seoul has chosen its luxuries carefully so that the guest does not have to pay for extras. We think that the perk of a free minibar and the hinoki bath tub makes it a great value for travelers visiting Seoul. voco Seoul is clean, comfortable and has great staff that always provides service with a smile. The area has lots to do and guests have lots of transit options. What more could a traveler ask for in a hotel?

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