Tiffany Cat Street Cafe

Tiffany Cafe Cat Street – Best Guide [Incl 2023 Update]

Tiffany Cafe Cat Street Interior

2023 Update: Please note that this location has closed on January 3rd, 2023. You will not be able to visit the Tiffany at Cat Street store or the cafe inside it.

Breakfast at Tiffany? How about donuts at the Tiffany Cafe @ Cat Street? The iconic jewelry store has opened a retail store location with a cafe inside of it. This store wasn’t open yet on our last visit to Japan but we managed to pop over this time. This area in Shibuya has lots of other interesting clothing stores if you want to make a trip out of it!

Tiffany Cafe Cat Street Interior


Tiffany Cafe Cat Street
Pose with Instagram Friendly Objects

We arrived just a couple minutes before opening and there was only one person in line. Our recommendation is to go early before the crowds if you want to take pictures inside. The store is set up for plenty of photo opportunities like the giant ring box or a fake bakery stand to pose with.

Tiffany Cafe Cat Street Merchandise
Steiff Tiffany Bear

The staff are very nice and will help you take your pictures. Seriously, don’t be shy. They practically encourage it! We were standing by the display and weren’t sure if we could take the pictures and a nice staff member came over and offered to take pictures. She also asked if there were anything else we wanted to take pictures with. Best of all, she never once pressured us to buy anything and seemed like she just wanted us to have a fun experience.

Tiffany Vending Machine!

Inside the store, they sell a collection of Tiffany jewelry and merchandise. There’s also jewelry exclusive only to this location – it’s Cat Street themed jewelry but unfortunately they were all sold out when we were there.


This postcard charm is exclusively for sale in Tokyo Tiffany stories, not just this store. However, it was so cute and delicate we couldn’t resist buying it. Love that it says “Greetings from Tokyo” with little sakura blossoms on it. Adorable!

This charm was about 29, 990 yen before taxes. Note that if you qualify for tax exemption, they can do tax refund at this store. The staff will package the charm up in signature Tiffany packaging and bag it up in a Cat Street exclusive bag.

You can also get this charm engraved in this store for an additional 2, 000 yen but we opted out. A chain must also be bought separately but they have lots of choices at this store. In case you’re interested, the Osaka Tiffany stores sells an Osaka postcard charm which features Osaka Castle for the same price.


It’s important to note that if you want to sit and dine at here, you have to make reservations online. These book up about 2 weeks in advance according to one of their staff. Otherwise, you can order and they will pack your food/drinks up for you to takeaway. The cafe has their own store branded takeaway bags. They’re very cute!

While you wait, the staff will hand you a menu so you can choose what you want. Also, don’t worry there’s both an English and Japanese menu.We decided on the donut, latte and elderflower lemondade. There were about 3 staff members behind the cafe counter who worked on our order. They worked quickly and we were given our food and drinks very promptly.


The latte Howie ordered was fairly standard stuff. We shared the donut and found it satisfyingly dense and not overly sweet, which is one of our biggest fears with dessert items. We liked how pretty the Tiffany blue icing was on the donut. I loved the elderflower lemonade I ordered. It was a perfect balance of sweet and tangy. It paired nicely with the donut!


Tiffany Tokyo Postcard – given to us with our purchase!

This was a fun experience for anyone who likes Tiffany or cute Instagram worthy spots. Honestly, we don’t think there’s a need for the reservations as it was easy enough to eat outside – others obviously had the same idea. Because Cat Alley is also a fun area to explore and after visiting this cafe, we went to the fashion forward consignment store next door (RagTag Harajuku) for some shopping!

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