Toshi Sushi

We’re going to tell you a secret. Do you want to know where the best sushi at incredible prices in Vancouver? Pssst, it’s Toshi Sushi. This is hands down our favorite place to go when we get that sushi craving. However, there’s something you need to know – this place gets BUSY.

Toshi is closed for lunch and only open Tuesday through Saturday. We recommend that you show up at 4:15pm (this means before they open!) and start lining up so you’re guaranteed a seat when they open. They’re a small restaurant and if you show up even at 5pm, you’re in for a loooooong wait outside.


Now that we’ve given you the lowdown, let’s talk about the food. We always like to start off with our fave nigiri sushi – tamago and salmon. Shoutout to Toshi for never skimping out here. We’re given large slabs of fish and egg here.

You might recall when we got blue fin tuna in Takayama and Howie was tickled pink. We ordered this since he loves it so much. The price was very reasonable and it was delicious. We will order more next time!

Here’s a lil tip if you manage to be one of the first ones in the restaurant. Ask your server if they have any yellowtail or salmon collar left. It’s not listed on the menu but these dishes are absolutely delicious. They’re grilled to perfection and the meat is always flavorful. Picked above is the yellowtail collar (hamachi kama).

Honestly, what is better than chicken karaage? With its crispy outer skin but plump, juicy meat inside – we should have ordered two servings of this. Make sure you squeeze that slice of lemon on the side for some extra flavour.

Oops – we just found something that might top the chicken. Agedashi tofu. Ahh…the perfectly deepfried cubes of tofu sitting on the sauce made of dashi, mirin and soy sauce (the holy trinity?!). Best gobble this dish up before the tofu gets soggy!

The last time you heard us talk about aburi sushi was at Miku. That was almost a year ago! We liked this but thought that Miku did a better job. Toshi should stick with its usual sushi instead of venturing into aburi.


Look, we just love Toshi. We respect that it’s a small storefront and that there might be wait times but we don’t ever want them to compromise the quality. The value is also there – this is about a $60 meal when we feel it could’ve been a $100 meal and we’d happily pay it (please don’t actually raise the prices though!). We’re always happy with the warm service and absolutely in love with the food. This is a special place for us and we’ll always be back!

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