Pizza Strada [2023] – Best Pizza in Tokyo

The title of best Pizza in Tokyo carries a heavy weight and responsibility. However, we are pleased to crown Pizza Strada with that title!


You might remember that in 2019, we had visited Pizza Strada. You can see in that blog post that we had lovely things to say about it. Several years and one pandemic later, we were still talking about that night. Without a doubt, on our first trip back to Japan we knew we’d be dining there again.

pizza strada best pizza in tokyo
Outside Patio Dining

We weren’t sure what time we’d be able to arrive at the restaurant for dinner. We didn’t have reservations so we were a bit worried since it was a weekend night during the holidays when we went.

The restaurant opens for dinner at 5pm and we were the first ones at the restaurant, rolling up at 5:01pm. We recommend that you make reservations because there isn’t a lot of indoor seating. When we arrived, lots of seats already had a “reserved” sign at them. By the time we left, if diners weren’t okay with dining outdoors then they were turned away. The patio is dog friendly though if you’re interested in bringing your furry friend here!

You can also opt for takeout but we think that this pizza is best enjoyed within seconds of it being served.

pizza strada best pizza in tokyo


We got seated at the counted that surrounds the oven once again! We think that it’s the best seat in the house! It is such a treat to be able to watch the chef make the food. Watching him knead the dough or sprinkle the ingredients is so fun. Of course, it’s also a delight to feel the heat of the oven when the pizza goes in!

Last time we were here, the menu prices were around 1500-1800 yen per pizza. Unfortunately, the prices have risen to about 2000+ yen for a pizza. The focus of the meal was pizza so we skipped getting any appetizers and got right to ordering pizzas. Let us show you why Pizza Strada is the best pizza in Tokyo!


Margherita Pizza

Howie insisted we get a margherita pizza so we can compare it to another famous pizza place in Tokyo’s. Although Seirinkan is highly beloved by food critics, it wasn’t our favorite. However, everything that was wrong with Seirinkan was right at Pizza Strada.

The pizza crust had that airy puffiness but still held a nice chew. The marinara sauce held a subtle tangy flavor while allowing other ingredients like the basil and cheese to shine. We saw the chef drizzle olive oil on the pizza but it was the perfect amount.

Genovese Pizza

We went and tried the Genovese pizza next. Let us tell you…the freshness of those baby tomatoes plus the prosciutto…A lethally delicious combination. We loved the slightly charred crust. These pizzas are so thin that you can just gobble them down without feeling sluggish and heavy after. Also, the pesto on this pizza just adds a new level of flavor depth. We highly recommend trying this even if you usually prefer tomato sauce based pizzas.

Originally, we were going to only eat two pizzas and then leave but although we were starting to get full, we decided we needed a third pizza.

Enter the Salsiccia Pizza. We chose this for the housemade sausages on the pizza. The high quality of all the ingredients really shines through when you eat at Pizza Strada. The sausage was not overly salty and paired well with the onions and peppers. We were absolutely stuffed by the time we finished this third pizza but had no regrets.


With all honesty, we can say that Pizza Strada is the best pizza in Tokyo! The staff are so lovely and kind. We know they have a busy evening ahead of them but they never once made us feel rushed.

Although there’s been a notable price increase since we last visited, we think that the quality and skill in these pizzas justifies the cost. Our biggest regret is that we could only eat 3 pizzas. If fate brings us back to Tokyo in the future, we will definitely be coming here again.

In the meantime, we will be telling everyone where to find the best pizza in Tokyo. Pizza Strada is the unpretentious, delicious pizza shop you must visit when you are in town!

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