Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais in Tokyo

Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais – Tokyo $35 Michelin Meal

Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais in Tokyo is a Michelin Star restaurant that serves food from Lyon, France. It is notable for having a very cheap lunch menu – it starts at around $35CAD for 3 courses!

We went to this Michelin Star restaurant on a recent trip and you can watch our reel below about the food or keep scrolling for a more detailed review!

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Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Please note that Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais has recently raised their prices and is slightly higher than what is shown in our picture. We visited the restaurant in early March 2023 and at the time of this writing, we noticed that the lunch menu prices has increased by a few dollars.

Note that also that the cheapest lunch menu option is only available during the weekday (not including holidays).

We made sure to get reservations for lunchtime. Despite it being a weekday, the restaurant was booming with business. There were lots of other diners all enjoying the lunch menu. We opted for the cheapest menu option as we weren’t super hungry and this was still 3 courses.

For a Tokyo Michelin Star restaurant, this is great value!


We both chose our starters: the delicatessen platter with homemade sausages is on the left. The ravioli with mushroom sauce and homemade sausages is on the right. We had to pay an additional 700 add-on for the ravioli and we felt it was well worth it. Look at how intricate the plating it is!

Howie ate his platter with some bread they put on the table. Everything tasted fresh. The plating isn’t just for show, it truly is good food.

For our entries we opted for beef cheeks (left) and the lobster (right).

The beef cheeks were a seasonal menu item. We thought there would be an add-on fee but there wasn’t. However, for the lobster there was an extra fee of 3500 yen. That is understandable and we were happy to pay the price.

The beef cheeks were utterly tender and we were obsessed over it. Paired with the freshness of the vegetables and the creamy mashed potatoes, this dish was an absolute winner. The lobster was also utterly decadent and we received a generous amount of it.

We chose rum cake (left) and the pink praline tart (right) for our dessert.

Do not get the rum cake if you do not like rum! It is soaked in it. If you like the strong flavor of rum, you will appreciate this cake. The pink praline tart was delicious and we loved the “snow” dessert that came with it. The presentation was absolutely beautiful as well.

Our meal came with tea or coffee. We opted for tea and it was the perfect end to our meal.


Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais deserves the Michelin Star! From start to finish the meal was spectacular. We think the 3 course meal was perfect for us as we weren’t starving. We are curious about the other menu items and would love to return to try more.

Our final bill was around $120 CAD. Our meal isn’t a true “cheap” or “budget” eat because we opted for fancier options. However, it was not necessary to choose the items that have an extra charge. We just wanted to treat ourselves a bit. Had we wanted to, we could’ve kept the bill at $35 CAD per person by choosing the cheapest menu option and not getting any extra charge items.

Note that this restaurant only takes credit card if your bill is over 100,00 yen.

Overall, we greatly enjoyed our meal at Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais! We highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try Michelin Star French cuisine in Tokyo on a budget!

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