Tokyo to Taipei on EVA Airlines – Business Class Meal

Tokyo to Taipei on EVA Airlines is an extremely popular route with travellers. There’s multiple flights a day and the flights are usually full. We were lucky enough to be flying in business class for this 4 hour flight. Here is what we thought about the food! That’s the most important part of the flight right?

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We got on our flight and it’s completely packed! Every seat was taken, even in business class. We got to sit in these nice pod seats that could let you fully recline if you opted to.

The menu wasn’t placed on the seat but rather the stewardess brought it around to each person. I wish I had more than a few seconds to look at the menu. However, it wasn’t hard to decide that we would be having the Din Tai Fung meal. Din Tai Fung is the very famous Taiwanese restaurant and we were looking forward to sample it in the air.


It’s wild to think that we’re flying from Tokyo to Taipei on EVA Airlines and we’re eating Din Tai Fung.

The food isn’t a huge meal as this is more like a light lunch. Included in our meal is:

  • Beef soup (right)
  • Spicy shrimp and pork dumplings on noodles
  • Traditional delicatessens of beef shank and tea smoked duck (top)

You mix up the noodles with the spicy sauce before eating! This tasted exactly like we remembered Din Tai Fung to taste like! By the way, it’s actually not very spicy despite the name. If you’re not good at handling spice, you will still enjoy these noodles. The noodle texture still had a nice bounce to it. No complaints (only compliments!) for the dumplings.

The meat on the delicatessen platter was very good. Nice and tender yet holding a lot of flavour. We’re happy with the small bites they gave us though. We weren’t very hungry and this was a great amount of food for us during lunch time. You can skip the yam piece. It was bland and dry!

The beef soup was my favorite. The soup was piping hot when it got served. The meat inside was tender and generous in portion size. The quality of the broth was so high and not what I expected I would get on an airplane.


If you’re flying Tokyo to Taipei on EVA Airlines and you’re lucky enough to try the business class food, be sure to try the Din Tai Fung meal! It was very good (except for the yam!). It’s such a special experience to eat Taiwan’s most famous restaurant onboard their signature airline. Most people ordered the Din Tai Fung meal like we did. We have no regrets and would love to fly with EVA Airlines again.

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