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High Tea in Tokyo – Prince Gallery Kioicho – Amazing View!

Ever thought about high tea in Tokyo? Well if you’ve never considered it, we highly recommend you try it out. If you’re having high tea in Tokyo then you also have to do it right. By getting the best view of the city while eating pastries and sipping on tea!

The best place for high tea in Tokyo is at the Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho.

You might remember that we had a great time having breakfast at the Prince Gallery
Tokyo Kioicho
. This time, we’re back on the 36th floor of the hotel at their Oasis Garden restaurant.


high tea in tokyo prince kioicho with tokyo tower

This high tea at the Prince Gallery Tokyo Kiocho is a wonderful experience for local and visitors because of the breathtaking view of Tokyo spread out beneath you. We went on a slightly overcast day but we were seated right by the window where we could see Tokyo Skytree. Another option is sitting at the window by where you can see Tokyo Tower.

We had to make reservations quite early and we requested a table seated by the window. When we made the reservations, the staff said they could not guarantee it but we luckily managed to get window seating. If you don’t manage to get window seating, that’s fine. The view will still be great. We just wanted to be up close to the window!


When we were visiting, the Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho was doing a special collaboration and it was reflected in the featured tea set. This special high tea set was created by Executive Pastry Chef Stefano Trovisi of Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan! It was incredibly special to be able to try this out. There will be different featured high tea sets throughout the year.

We got two big plates of pastries: one was sweet (left) and one was savory (right). The amount of food was for 2 people and it was A LOT of food. We deliberately skipped lunch so we could fully enjoy. This is 70,00 yen per person with a 10% service charge. You’re allowed to spend 90 minutes in the restaurant.

The restaurant also served high tea guests unlimited teas for 60 minutes. They have a variety of high quality teas and you can pick anyone you want. There’s hot or cold options. We were able to try several types of teas during our time there and it was all wonderful. We also got little jars of tiramisu. So light and airy! Definitely amongst the best we’ve ever had.


You can see that in all these pictures that all the pastries are so wonderfully crafted. The amount of care and skill involved is very high. Everything was like a bite of perfection. Ok, and it doesn’t help that everything is picture perfect and so cute!

However, if we’re being honest, we felt that there was just too much sweet stuff. Maybe it’s personal preference but by the end, the sweet flavors just became too overwhelming and we wish there were more savory items to balance it out.

We also have to applaud the wonderful service from the restaurant staff. They were quick, efficient and discreet. We never ran low on tea and there was always someone close by to help us if needed. The staff at Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho are all so friendly and warm. We must applaud how great they were during high tea service.


We are extremely pleased with our first experience having high tea in Tokyo. Yes, the price was a splurge but it was completely worth it to have amazing food and such a spectacular view. While there’s a couple tweaks we would make to the high tea set menu, everything else about the experience was very positive. We would recommend all visitors in Tokyo to try out high tea at the Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho!

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