Restaurant Review: Wild Sushi in Vancouver

We went to Wild Sushi in Dunbar for a quick meal because it was close by. Howie had been here before and he described it as “cheap comfort food” and told me not to have high expectations. This description doesn’t scare me because I personally like cheap eats sometimes – there’s something very familiar about those meals.

When we arrived at 6pm on a Saturday, we were the only customers but they did a steady stream of takeout and a few more tables had filled up by the time we left at 7pm.

Wild Sushi – California Roll & Spider Rolls

Howie ordered his favorite rolls which were: Spider Roll, BC Roll and California Roll. It was exactly as he described – there wasn’t anything particular special about them but they tasted good enough that we ate them all. I felt that they could’ve added more avocado in the California Roll. They also could’ve been more generous with the tobiko on top of the Spider Roll but given how low the prices were, I wouldn’t complain.

Wild Sushi – Beef Udon

The beef udon took a long time to arrive. We were halfway done with the sushi when it came. We love udon and so this was a disappointment to us. We think the beef should be thin and slightly fatty but this beef was the opposite of that. It was dry and chunky. The noodle wasn’t anything special and the soup was weak. I don’t think it’s inedible but I had higher expectations (even though Howie did warn me). BUT also important to note this was only $8.95 and it did the job in warming me up on a winter’s day.

Figurines at Wild Sushi

Look, this neighbourhood restaurant will fill you up for a low price. The server seemed to know all the people who came in – it’s clearly a well-liked place. I don’t have anything against this restaurant. We’ll probably be back when we’re too lazy to make dinner. I’ll just remember to skip the beef udon next time!

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