Restaurant Review: Miku in Vancouver

To celebrate our anniversary, we decided to have a nice dinner at Miku! Beyonce ate here when she was in town and if it’s good enough for her then we had to try it. We’d been to their sister restaurant Minami before and liked it well enough and was curious as to how this would hold up.

Ebi Fritters

We were torn between ordering the ebi fritters and calamari – we both love deep fried things so it was hard to pick between them! We’re glad we picked the ebi fritters though – they were damn delicious. We were served five white tiger prawns which had a drizzle of aioli on top. We think they used Kewpie Mayo as the base. The batter on the prawns reminded us of the same kind on fish & chips. It was very fluffy and well-seasoned.

Saba Oshi Sushi (Back) and Salmon Oshi Sushi (Front)

Minami and Miku are both known for their aburi sushi so that was the next things we tried. The salmon sushi had a jalapeño pepper on top which Howie swore wasn’t spicy. When we bit down on on the sushi, we could taste the charcoal flavour from the sushi having been torched. There was a nice fattiness to the salmon as well.

We didn’t like the saba as much as the salmon. Ari found the sauce used on top of the sushi to be too tangy. We suspect that because saba is an oilier, more pungent fish that’s why they put a sharp sauce on top to contrast the taste. There wasn’t anything wrong with the sushi but we have a stronger preference for salmon.

Unagi Sushi

We will be visiting Michelin-star restaurant Uchiyama in Tokyo. Uchiyama is known for their unagi so we figured we might as well have a taste in Vancouver so we can compare. Our verdict: it was fine and didn’t blow our minds. It was OK and frankly, we almost forgot we had it until we were looking over our pictures. The unagi to rice ratio was generous, we had a mouthful of unagi in each bite but we’ve had better at other restaurants in Vancouver.

Miku Roll

Our last order was the Miku roll. This roll had 8 pieces and was rolled in tobiko and had cucumber, salmon and crab. There is a sauce on top but we couldn’t taste it very well. The cucumber and tobiko added a nice crunch to the roll. The salmon and crab was delicious and were generously portioned.

Overall, we had a good time at Miku. The service was very attentive – they were super speedy at changing our plates. I think they came around twice to do that. We enjoyed what we ordered and had no complaints. It was a nice excuse to dress up a little (though there’s no need to if you don’t want to) and celebrate our anniversary!


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