Phnom Penh Review – Part II

Is anyone surprised that we’ve gone back to Phnom Penh? Well you shouldn’t be surprised because we’re always trying to find excuses to go back! You’ll know that we frequent this joint if you check our Instagram! It’s like we’ve been cursed, we can’t stay away too long from this place. When the craving for the wings hits us, we have to go. Here is part II of our Phnom Penh Review!

This visit we ordered the chicken wings again (large, of course) and an old favorite plus a new dish we hadn’t had here.

Phnom Penh – BBQ Lemongrass Pork Chops on Rice
BBQ Lemongrass Pork Chops on Rice

Howie was craving some rice so we skipped our usual order of soup noodles and ordered this. Look how generous they were with the portions! We loved that they didn’t skimp and just give a tiny bit of meat on a ton of rice. The pork here had that slightly charcoal grilled taste to it but wasn’t burnt at all. We loved the tenderness of the pork and the spices on this pork was *chef’s kiss*. Also shout out to the amount of green onions they used on this – Phnom Penh doesn’t cheat their customers of ingredients!

Note that this dish also came with a bowl of broth with a large piece of pork bone in it. We checked the bill and we were not charged extra for it. That was a nice surprise for us!

Phnom Penh – Vietnamese Beef Brochette
Vietnamese Beef Brochette

So this dish was entirely new to us. I saw it on the menu and thought “meat on skewers – sounds delicious!” so we went and tried it. WOW the beef was hella tender. It offered very little resistance when I chewed on it. The restaurant also used lemongrass seasoning on this but that wasn’t an issue for us. We were absolutely blown away and might have to add this to the our roster.

This dish came with some vermicelli noodles which were fine. If we had to guess we would say they’re just simple packaged noodles that weren’t freshly made. It didn’t make a difference to us but we know some foodies care about that kind of stuff. The noodles weren’t anything to write home about but complimented the meat very nicely.

Do you like it our Phnom Penh review? Let us know in the comments what you think! If you’ve tried it already, drop a comment below to share your thoughts!

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