Prince Gallery Kioicho Breakfast – Japanese Breakfast

We had the delightful pleasure of eating the Prince Gallery Kioicho breakfast in a recent trip to Tokyo. The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho is a hotel under the Marriott portfolio and it excels in every way including their Japanese breakfast.

Our breakfast was complimentary thanks to our American Express’ card’s Fine Hotels & Resort program. We are entitled to a daily breakfast for 2 people and we gladly accepted.

Before talking about the food itself, we have to acknowledge how stunning the dining room is. The huge windows from the 34th floor of the hotel shows you all of Tokyo below. You can try asking the host to seat you at the window facing Tokyo Tower or Tokyo Skytree. We opted to be one of the first ones dining at 7am so we can have our pick of window seats and to dine when there weren’t many other guests around. We dined in their restaurant called Washoku Souten.

Prince Gallery Kioicho Breakfast

There are two variations of the Japanese breakfasts that alternate daily. Here is the menu for our first breakfast:

The breakfast is around 40,00 yen per person – that’s pretty expensive in Tokyo for breakfast so we wanted to see if this would be worth it. We opted out of ordering additional drinks as they gave us complimentary Japanese tea anyways.

Here is the Japanese breakfast with the salmon as the main feature. Each person gets a tray like this. There is a miso soup in the bottom left corner and rice in the bottom left corner. You can get unlimited refills on both of these items if you’d like.

We’re happy to report that this was an absolutely phenomenal plate of food. First, we were full after eating everything on this tray. Second, the quality was just absurdly high. Not only is it so pretty to look at, the food was delicious. It was simple yet packed so much flavor in each bite.

Wagyu and Boiled Snow crab

We absolutely cannot ignore one of our favorite small dishes on the tray which was the wagyu and boiled snow crab. It seems almost too decadent to have at breakfast but we have no complaints! The most tender beef in delicate broth. The snow crab had plump meat with a nice dense texture. Both things are so scrumptious we fear no other breakfast item will compare.

A special nod to the egg (tamago) dish that was a play on “egg on egg on egg”. What a genius concept and executed perfectly. We also can’t say enough of the melon that was served to us for dessert. It was like eating spoonful of juice. Nothing else will compare.

Don’t miss this melon because it’s incredibly sweet.


Our Japanese breakfast for the next morning featured flounder. We don’t usually eat flounder but we found that we enjoyed it greatly, as much as the salmon. The other side dishes also got refreshed. We have a slight preference for the items offered in yesterday’s tray.

During the second day, we also got to eat wagyu! It was just as good as yesterday’s. We honestly can’t get enough of it!


We greatly enjoyed our time dining at the Prince Gallery Kioicho during breakfast. We can see how if we were staying longer and opted solely for Japanese breakfasts how we might get sick of it. But for 2 days it was perfect to try each menu out.

Is this worth the 40,00 yen price tag per person? We think so! You are paying for great food and service. You also get one of the best views to Tokyo sprawling beneath you. If you have the opportunity to dine at the Prince Gallery Kioicho, we highly recommend it.


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