Shirokiya Japan Village Walk

Kamitoku Ramen at Shirokiya Japan Village Walk

When you think of visiting Honolulu, do you think of getting ramen to eat? We didn’t until we stumbled upon Kamitoku Ramen at Shirokiya Japan Village Walk. We didn’t know that under the Ala Moana Mall there would be a huge sprawling Japanese food court.

Shirokiya Japan Village Walk Seating Area
Seating Area

There’s plenty of seating and the decor almost makes us think we’re in Japan!


There’s lots of free magazines at the entrance to the food court and in the back pages there’s usually lots of coupons. We found that the magazine Lani Lani Hawaii had the most coupons for the restaurants in this food court. In paricular, there’s a 10% off food coupon for Kamitoku Ramen which we used. Our bowl of ramen was only $10 after using the coupon.

Shirokiya Japan Village Walk Beef Wild
Kamitoku Ramen Stall

Since Kamitoku Ramen is known for their beef bone broth, we obviously had to try it out. It’s our first time trying a ramen with beef as the soup base. There’s other locations in Tokyo. In the picture above, you can see Japanese celebrities who have been to their restaurant! If anyone is still a fan of Ayumi Hamasaki just know you can find her picture in that lineup! That was the only Japanese celebrity I recognized but I’m sure if you’re more familiar with Japanese pop culture you would recognize more of them.

The staff said the Beefy Wild Bowl was their most popular seller so we decided on that. The service was very quick and efficient. When I showed the staff member the coupon from Lani Lani, he didn’t even blink. He just took a sharpie and crossed it out. I presume this is to prevent me from using it again (though I guess I could’ve just grabbed another copy of the magazine?). He promptly added the 10% discount without any further questions.

After paying, the staff will give you a buzzer after you order. I had taken the buzzer back to my seat and had barely sat down when my buzzer went off. That is how fast the service at Kamitoku Ramen is. If you’re in a rush, this might be a good place to eat at.

Kamitoku Ramen Beefy Wild
Beefy Wild Ramen

The broth was very rich even though it wasn’t fatty. The strong flavor of the beef came out with each spoonful. The beef itself had a nice marbling of fat. We wish we had more than one slice of meat though. Kamitoku Ramen did give us a very generous amount of bean sprouts and bamboo – almost too much bean sprouts!

We were served a regular egg though you can upgrade to ramen eggs for an additional $1.50. The noodles were not bad for food court quality. They weren’t soggy when they were served though we wish they were thicker noodles.

In conclusion, you ever find yourself outside Kamitoku Ramen at Shirokiya Japan Village Walk, try a bowl of this inexpensive ramen!

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