Mama's Fish House Maui

Mama’s Fish House in Maui – Best Review


Mama’s Fish House in Maui was a restaurant recommend to us by everyone from coworkers to our Uber Driver. Located on Maui’s North Shore, we happened on it by chance and recognized the name. We could see why it was popular as it was situated on a beautiful beach.

Mama's Fish House Maui
Beach by Mama’s Fish House in Maui

We wanted to eat here but I was discouraged because I checked Mama’s Fish House on OpenTable and saw all the timeslots were booked up days in advance. On a whim, we pulled up to the valet and asked if there was any availability. The valet (free, btw) had to check with the hostess and they managed to squeeze us in.

Mama's Fish House Maui
Bar seating area

Note that not every seat in the restaurant has an equally good view of the beach. They seated us by the bar which had 0 view of the beach. We were still excited for the food and didn’t mind. Of all our restaurant reviews, this might be the first seafood restaurant we’ve done!

We saw some people sitting at the bar having drinks however there’s not a very good view from the bar to the beach. Next time we come here, we would definitely try and make reservations so we can request the beach view. It seems like a bit of a waste to come and not be able to eat with that beautiful view!

Our sever informed us that the entree menu is made daily because it’s based on what fish is caught fresh. In case you’re curious about what we could choose from and the prices, click here.


After we ordered our food, our server brought over some free bread and soup. The soup was a clam bisque and it held a hint of mushrooms. We thought the soup would be very thick like a chowder but it was closer to a broth.

The bread was homemade and it had a slightly sweet taste like the bread we’re used to eating in Japan. It was still warm when it came to the table which worked well with the butter. The bread had poppy seeds which we liked but some people might not.

Mama's Fish House Maui
South Pacific Blue Prawns

Howie ordered the South Pacific Blue Prawns. They arrived butterflied which made eating them a lot easier. Howie was worried that this wouldn’t be enough for an entree but it was very filling in the end. The chefs at Mama’s Fish House knocked this dish out of the park! The sauce was creamy from a coconut vanilla sauce and we scraped this sauce off our plates long after the prawns were done. The prawns themselves were huge and eat bite was a juicy mouthful.

The entree also came with a side of coconut rice and broccolini. The broccolini was garlicky heaven and we devoured this so quickly. The coconut rice was a bit mushy and not the star.

Mama's Fish House Maui
Broccolini and coconut rice
Mama’s Stuffed Fish with Lobster and Crab

No sides came with my order of Mama’s Stuffed Fish with Lobster and Crab but that’s alright. I was given plenty of seafood and Howie had to help me finish this off. The freshness to the seafood was undeniable. I loved how the fish was baked in a macadamia nut crust which added a crunchy texture to the top of the fish. A special shout out also goes to the veggies. The sweet potatoes and asparagus soaked up the sauce and were so delicious! We kept saying to each other that this was how vegetables should be done. No one could ever dislike veggies once they’ve been served this!

Mama's Fish House
Mama’s Fish House

The end of the meal came with some almond scented warm towels, chocolate and a piece of (very sweet!) pineapple. We appreciated these little touches from the restaurant. Seriously, when was the last time someone brought you almond scented warm towels?

Our server was also great. He took the time to explain to us the menu and answered all our questions. We appreciated that he was friendly and personable but gave us a lot of privacy and was unobtrusive with the service.

While the food was pricey, we feel it was good enough to justify the prices. Just remember that if you want good views, please remember to make reservations well ahead of time! Come to Mama’s Fish House in Maui to be spoiled!

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