Cream Pot Honolulu

Cream Pot Honolulu – Best Fluffy Pancakes!

Honolulu has been a great foodie city for us to visit and we ate so much different kinds of food like Dole Whip! One of our favorite meals, has to be at Cream Pot Honolulu. This is where we had decadent, fluffy pancakes and crepes for breakfast!

Cream Pot Honolulu Interior

One thing you’ll notice about Cream Pot Honolulu is how extraordinarily cute it is. It has the coziest, small cafe vibes. Check out all the padded cushions on the chairs! We absolutely loved the aesthetics here and judging from the amount of people who took pictures and videos, we’re not the only one.

Speaking of photography, you might notice that there’s signs posted outside indicating no pictures. I checked with the host at the front desk to confirm the rules about it and he said pictures are OK! The sign was referring to please do not take pictures of the posted menu pics they have outside. Phew! This was a reassurance for foodies like us who like to document anything. Fear not, Instagrammers. You can definitely take pictures at Cream Pot.

Cream Pot Waikiki Interior

This restaurant is housed in an apartment complex that we were staying. We had seen long lineups during peak hours for this place so we came down at 8am on a weekday. At that time, there were only 3 other tables there. However, as we were leaving at around 9am there weren’t any seats left. Please plan accordingly when visiting as it can get very busy.

Cream Pot Honolulu
Strawberry Soufflé Pancake

I chose to get the Strawberry Soufflé Pancake ($16.50) because I love strawberries! Look how thinly sliced they came out. It was so pretty the way the chef arranged it around the pancake. I also like the light dusting of sugar all over my plate. It added that slight touch of extra sweetness without overpowering any of the other flavors. We’re off to a great start with the presentation!

I got two fluffy pancakes in my order. I always make a point of getting soufflé pancakes whenever possible as they can be a bit of a pain to make at home myself. If you haven’t had these before, I think they’re 10x better than the usual pancakes. You can see in my picture below where I’ve cut the pancake open just how thick but airy the pancake is. It’s an absolute masterpiece of a pancake!

Cream Pot Honolulu Waikiki Strawberry Soufflé Pancake
Inside Strawberry Soufflé Pancake

The generous dollops of homemade vanilla custard and whipped cream topped my pancake. It was the perfect amount because any more and I would’ve felt that I overindulged for breakfast!

Cream Pot Waikiki
Thyme Cream Chicken Crepe

Howie decided to be a rebel and get a savory crepe! He ordered the Thyme Cream Chicken Crepe ($14.50) which comes with a side of salad on the plate. The salad has a nice, sharp vinaigrette dressing. He joked that it’s always nice to eat veggies on a vacation since we tend to eat lots more than usual.

Despite the fact that one would think this would be a very heavy dish due to all the cream, Howie said it was a great breakfast dish. The thyme cream chicken wasn’t overly heavy even with the cream sauce. It didn’t taste oily or fatty but rather the thyme was a great complement to the cream sauce and savory chicken.

The crepe itself was perfectly thin yet it held a beautiful chewiness to it. Not sure how the chefs were so skilled to make such a great crepe but we have no complaints! If you’re looking for something savory to balance out the sweetness of pancakes, try this crepe! We promise it’ll hit the spot.

Cream Pot Waikiki
Exterior Entrance

It’s very easy to understand why Cream Pot Honolulu is such a hit amongst all the diners. The service was quick and so friendly. You could tell that everyone liked interacting with the customers and the staff were so patient with all the questions.

The interior of the restaurant was so welcoming and soothing. It made dining here such a pleasure. Of course, the soufflé pancakes stole the show but it’s hard not to when you look and taste that good!

Be sure to come to Cream Pot early or you’ll find yourself waiting with other diners!

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