Richmond Night Market 2019

It’s a Vancouver rule: you have to visit the Richmond night market at least one time every summer. There’s something about eating food off skewers, looking through vendor stalls (always haggle!) and playing carnival games that makes the night market so fun. We were lucky to be invited by a few food stalls at the night market for tastings. Here are some of our favorites!

Zzim Drumsticks

Zzim Drumsticks is Korean-style chicken drumsticks. We’re used to seeing Korean fried chicken drumsticks so it’s refreshing to see a healthier version for once. This place prides itself on being SAUCE and boy do they deliver. We got gloves from them to wear so that we could grab the drumsticks with our hands without getting them all messy.

These drumsticks were slightly sweet and savory with lots of green onions on top and some tteok (Korean rice cakes). We wish there were a few more tteok provided because at times it seemed like too much meat and we wanted a few more bites of tteok. Overall, the chicken was VERY tender and flavorful. They are located at stall F42.

Two Sweet Guys – Deep fried cookie dough

I don’t really know where to begin with this one. How can I describe to you how we ascended to sugar heaven with this deep fried cookie dough? This was perfectly deep fried with a slightly crispy outer shell but completely doughy inside. We can’t decide if we should recommend sharing with someone as it’s just SO GOOD but at the same time eating all 6 might be too much.

Two Sweet Guys – Deep Fried Watermelon

This was the first time we’ve ever seen deep fried watermelon! Be warned that this is HEAVY and you will want to be careful when eating. It was a nice way to taste the natural sweetness of the watermelon but get that deep fried indulgence. We recommend eating this before the cookie dough.

Okonomi Bites – Cheese Katsu Poutine

This poutine had so much cheesy goodness. We loved this Japanese take on the classic poutine. It was so much fun dunking the fries into the goeey cheese and eating it. The pork was deep fried to perfection as well. We loved how crispy it was but the pork was still tender and juicy on the inside. There was a huge queue for Okonomi Bites when we went but stay in the line! It was worth it.

Crab Hut – Hairy Crab Roe

This was a hella decadent treat we didn’t expect at the night market! First off, yes that’s GOLD flakes on top! Secondly, we found the crab roe on top of rice to be so rich and tasty. This wasn’t a cheap eat at $15 per serving but if you’re hungering for something bougie at the night market, give Crab Hut a try!

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