Riz Sushi

We don’t know a lot of the restaurants in East Vancouver so we were excited to try Riz Sushi! Upon entering the store, you place your order at the counter and they will bring you your food. Note that you can dine-in or take-out at Riz. They also have an extensive catering menu that’s available on their website.

Riz Sushi Chicken Karaage

We started off with the chicken karaage. Here was our criteria as to whether or not this dish was done properly: 1) Crispy, flavorful outside 2) Juicy meat on the inside.

We’re happy to report that Riz Sushi did a great job with this chicken karaage. The presentation was also great. This chicken didn’t need the sauce that they provided because it was already so packed with flavor and the meat wasn’t dry at all.

Riz Sushi Pork Belly Chashu Don

Please look at that beautiful egg! We’re so happy with the yolk – it was the perfect blend of sweet and salty. The yolk was so rich and the umami flavor permeated the entire egg. At Riz Sushi, they braise the chashu for several hours. We like that they care about bringing the flavor of the pork out. We would absolutely love to be able to replicate this at home but until then, we’re glad Riz Sushi offers this.

Riz Sushi Creamy Seafood Udon Pasta

Do you like your noodles thick? We do! We liked this noodle because the mentaiko sauce was thick, just like the noodles here. The masago added a nice texture to the dish. Without it, it would’ve been just too creamy. We loved how the simple flavors of the scallops came out to compliment the sauce. This was probably my personal favorite of the dishes we tried here.


Thank you to the owners for inviting us for a tasting. It’s wonderful to see that this restaurant is in East Vancouver and we realized we need to come to this area more. If you ever stop by Riz Sushi, keep your eyes peeled for the mural they have in the restaurant. We won’t spoil it for you by posting a pic but we it brought a smile to our faces!

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