Osaka Cup Noodle Museum – Chicken Ramen Class

There’s a lot of hype around the Osaka Cup Noodle Museum. We had planned to visit this museum last trip but couldn’t find the time. So this trip, we made sure that we would visit this famous museum! We’re here to share our tips and tricks about Osaka Cup Noodle Museum. AND we’ll tell you about the ramen making class not many people know about.

This museum is known to be hella Instagram worthy. Lots of people love to take pictures with the ramen cup wall and you can make your customized cup noodles for 300 yen.

Ramen making workshop at Cup Noodle Museum

However, not a lot of people know about the Chicken Ramen Factory inside the museum. This is a class where you can make your very own ramen from scratch. For 500 yen per person, Howie and I got to make our own ramen with an instructor. It was one of the best things we got to do on our trip.

The class is 90 minutes long and you’ll be given very hands on instruction. You’ll be doing everything from kneading the dough to designing your own ramen package. The one thing they won’t let you do is deep frying your ramen but they’ll let you watch behind a glass pane. If you don’t speak Japanese, that’s OK! They have an English step by step guide for you and your instructor will do her best to guide you along. We found it very easily to follow along.

Instructor deep frying our ramen for us

If you’re thinking of doing this class, we highly recommend it! Here are some general tips we have about this class and the museum:

  • Book online ASAP – these classes fill up very quickly. You can book 3 months in advance. Note you must buy the tickets in pairs.
  • If you couldn’t get reservations online you can try popping in the day of and asking if there were any cancellations you can take.
  • Make online reservations here. The site is in Japanese so we used Google Translate and it was an easy process.
  • You’ll be given an apron and bandana to wear.
  • You’ll get to keep the instant noodle you made and they’ll also give you an extra freebie and let you keep your bandana.
  • Do not bring luggage with you as the museum doesn’t have any locker spaces.
  • If you can’t do this workshop and opt to do make your own cup noodle for 300 yen, you can do it upstairs where there’s much less lineup than downstairs.
So happy with the ramen we made!

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