Cheap Lobster in Vancouver – Plus Secret Tip

Cheap lobster in Vancouver? Is it possible? If you’re looking to get a deal on lobster, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re about to tell you our favorite restaurant to get cheap lobster meal from all year round! The kind of lobster we’re talking about is made in Chinese restaurants. So if you’re looking for something like lobster rolls, this isn’t it.

Growing up, I love eating lobster at Chinese restaurants with my parents. Our favorite was the kind with onions in a thick sauce on a bed of noodles. Because a lot of the places we’ve gone to when I was young have moved or closed down so I knew it was time to find a new favorite restaurant. Let me introduce you to Happy Day Cafe.

Lobster claw from Happy Day

Happy Day sells a single lobster for $51.99 each but the real winner is getting a lobster combo. For $77.99, you can get a lobster PLUS two dishes from their dinner menu. If you ordered each thing separately, it adds up to more. Happy Day also offers combos with more food and the more you order, the better value becomes. This is the best place for a cheap lobster in Vancouver as the prices don’t fluctuate depending on season. Plus, you also get a ton of food!

We personally like to add noodles (yee mein) for an additional $8. This is because all that lobster sauce gets dripped onto the noodles for a delicious flavor but that’s optional. $8 is fairly standard add-on pricing and we haven’t found anywhere else in Vancouver that’s cheaper.

Lobster cooked with onions and scallions

Happy Day is the definitely a cheap eat sort of place. They serve huge portions at good quality (but not amazing quality). We have been multiple times and would rank the food quality to be a solid B while value is A+.

We never felt cheated with the portion size of the lobster. The quality is average but the price is unbeatable. We also like eating at Happy Day with friends because we can order more and it becomes a huge feast without having to force anyone to splurge.

Dining at Happy Day

You know we love our deals and there is a difference in value between eating in and take out at Happy Day. If you eat in, you can get a free soup and dessert. Note if you order another combo that offers you free soup and dessert (say, the Peking duck course), you won’t get double the freebie.

If you order takeout, you won’t get a freebie like that plus they make you pay $2 for the takeout tray that they serve the lobster on. We find that if you order takeout from takeout apps like Kabu or Uber Eats, those listed prices are usually higher than if you called the restaurant directly.

Side dishes and lobster

Ok, now that you know the pros and cons of dining in versus take out, here’s a little secret we have for you. While prices on delivery partners are a bit higher, if you wait until promos on these apps then you can bring the cost down a lot. For example, we used Uber Eats and picked up the food ourselves and we paid $83 all-in for the combo plus yee mein add-on. We saved about $11 by waiting for an Uber Eats promo which comes fairly often.

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