ANA Tokyo to Vancouver Flight Food

The worst part about travelling to Japan is having to leave! After just over a week of lots of fun and food in Japan, we were on our flight headed home. We got very lucky and had the whole row to ourselves. Since we were departing at 10pm from Haneda airport, Howie fell asleep pretty much right away. I stayed up and got to eat the food served. As you may know from our previous review, I love ANA food.

I was given the choice between the Tokushima fish cutlet and lotus root curry with rice or the beef with omurice. I chose the latter though I wish I could’ve tried the other one as well.

ANA flight from Haenda to Vancouver’s meal

I started with the potato salad with the smoked salmon. The salmon was still partially frozen so I didn’t finish it. The potato salad also wasn’t very good as it just seemed like big chunks of potato with mayo and nothing else.

The sushi roll was tough and bland. The edamame was fine. There wasn’t anything wrong or special about it – if you told me these were the same ones you buy in bulk from the freezer at Costco, I would believe you.

I skipped the salad at the top because the cherry tomato and corn kernels were still frozen. They gave us a block of cream cheese and a pack of salted crackers. I felt that they should’ve given double the amount of crackers as I had more cream cheese than I knew what to do with.

Finally, I started on the main course. The eggs were light and fluffy which is a plus. The carrot garnish was too mushy for my liking. The beef and sauce were piping hot which surprised me given how much of the other stuff was frozen. But I do wish that they had given more beef. There was only a few thin slices and the rest of the dish was just the gravy.

I was also disappointed that this flight didn’t serve any corn soup though they did have a vegetable soup which I declined.

Breakfast on ANA from Haneda to Vancouver

About two hours before we landed, the flight attendants handed out breakfast boxes to anyone who was awake. I was hoping that it’d be an egg salad sandwich but unfortunately it wasn’t. It was a bacon sandwich with some sliced carrots and a hunk of potato in mayo sauce.

The bacon crumbled like dust in my mouth and the huge chunk of potato was unpleasant. The bread itself also tasted stale. I didn’t finish this sandwich.

I worried the fruit would be frozen but it wasn’t. It was nice to have something fresh after a long flight. The strawberry yogurt was also tasty. ANA has also given me a KitKat every Tokyo to Vancouver flight I’ve been on. It might be my favorite part of this meal.

Overall, compared to all our other flights’ meals this flight served us the weakest food. I would’ve thought the quality would be the best since their headquarters are in Tokyo. Regardless, I think still ANA’s food is much better than what other airlines offer and I look flying on them again.

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