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More Lessons from Our Japan Trip

A lot of people were interested in our last post about what we learned from our Japan trip. We thought more about it and here are some more things we want to share with you! Smoking Is Very Common Our home city bans smoking inside all public buildings and you even have to be 5 […]

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Tenaga Ashinaga in Takayama

We decided to spend a couple nights in Takayama on our last Japan trip. Neither of us had ever been and we weren’t quite sure what to expect. It’s about a 4 hour trek from Tokyo to get there but it is completely worth it. We fell in love with its small town feel and […]


ANA Tokyo to Vancouver Flight Food

The worst part about travelling to Japan is having to leave! After just over a week of lots of fun and food in Japan, we were on our flight headed home. We got very lucky and had the whole row to ourselves. Since we were departing at 10pm from Haneda airport, Howie fell asleep pretty […]


Japan Travel Tips – Ultimate Guide

We spent 8 days in March 2019 in Japan and had an absolute blast and ate a lot of pizza. While it was a ton of fun and we’re wishing we could go back soon, we’re felt we could’ve been smarter about a few things. We hope to share Japan Travel Tips we learned that […]

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Screen Door in Portland

Screen Door in Portland is one of those restaurants that seemed to pop up on every “Must Try” list. So…we tried it! We both have a love for Southern food so we had high expectations for this restaurant. We knew from reviews to expect a line up and we tried to go as early as […]

Restaurant Review

Seirinkan in Tokyo

We’ve done a review of Pizza Strada in Tokyo and now we’re back with a review of the Seirinkan which most people might know from David Chang’s Ugly Delicious. There was a lot of hype surrounding Seirinkan – we saw it pop up all over friends’ Instagram and having been to two pizza places in […]