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Toyoko Inn Review – Best Affordable Tokyo Hotel

Toyoko Inn is a hotel chain in Japan with locations in every location you can imagine from Tokyo to Osaka to Hiroshima and everything in between. This is our favorite hotel chain to stay in because it is very affordable even in a city like Tokyo. It is a no-frills kind of hotel and provides great value to travellers. Staying at Toyoko Inn in Tokyo will save you a lot of money in such an expensive city! We will let you know our insider tips on how to save money when staying in Japan and everything you need to know about Toyoko Inn.

Want to stay in a Tokyo hotel for under $100/night? Toyoko Inn provides the place!
  • Toyoko Inn has over 200+ locations in Japan and they’ve started expanding to Europe, America and other Asian countries. Their average room rates are about $50/night depending on the location.
  • They consider themselves to be a business hotel so they are more focused on offering a good value for a night’s stay. In lieu of having amenities like beautiful views, pool/spa, etc., they have very low rates. The chain prides itself on providing a comfortable, convenient stay for guests.
  • While the rooms are small, they will have all the amenities one would expect in a hotel room such as mini fridge (not stocked), toiletries, hot water kettle and so on. Toyoko Inn is very thoughtful on what it provides the guest and we like the little touches like having slippers in the room.
  • Toyoko Inn hotels in popular location book up very quickly so be sure to book as soon as you can.
toyoko inn tokyo room
Typical Toyoko Inn Room – their beds are designed so you can slip your suitcases under it for extra room
  • Be sure to sign up for Toyoko Inn’s Membership Card which they sell for a one-time fee 1,500yen as it will help you save a lot of money!
  • This membership card allows members to save an additional 5% off their nightly rates!
  • Since the hotel rooms can book up very quickly, this membership allows you to book 6 months in advance versus everyone else who can book 3 months in advance. Getting advance booking is important if you want to snag hotels in Tokyo which fills up super fast.
  • The best perk is for every 10 nights stay, you will get 1 free night. We have redeemed this multiple times and it is the best deal!

One of our favorite thing about Toyoko Inn is that it provides a free breakfast. We estimate that this saves us about $15/day by not having to buy our own breakfast. Their breakfast foods vary day to day and from location to location but there is usually miso soup, a protein, salads and rice. Often there are onigiri rice balls and bread. You can definitely fill up on these breakfasts and they’re prepared fresh daily!

Toyoko Inn Tokyo Dining Area
Dining Area

All hotels will have a dining area where food is served in the mornings. Be sure to check when breakfast starts. Depending on location, it can be hard to find seating during peak morning rush. However, people tend to eat quickly and leave after that. The Toyoko Inn staff will replenish the food throughout the morning so don’t worry if something you like is running low.

Taking seconds is fine as long as you grab fresh plates. Do not bring your food back up to your room as that’s rude! Eat in the dining area and bring your dirty plates back to the rack after. After breakfast, they will remove al the food but the water station (with hot water) and microwave is left for you to use. We see people sitting here throughout the day waiting to check in or out. Usually we see people eating cup noodles here!

toyoko inn tokyo
Typical Toyoko Inn Breakfast

Toyoko Inn Tokyo – We recommend the Tameike-sanno-eki Kantei Minami in Tokyolocation as it’s steps away from a train station and very central to a lot of popular points in Tokyo. It is also next to a government building so it is a very safe, quiet location. We think this is the best Toyoko Inn Tokyo location. If this location is booked up, you can try Monzen-nakacho Eitaibashi which is a little less convinient for location but in a good area with easy enough access to the rest of Tokyo.

Toyoko Inn Osaka – If you’re in Osaka, stay at the Osaka Namba Nishi location. This is very close to the popular Dotonbori shopping street where there’s lots to see and eat. It’s about a 10 minute walk away so it’s quiet and clean around the hotel. There are also lots of handy train stations around which can take you quickly around Osaka.

Toyoko Inn Kobe – Location, location, location! Kobe Sannomiya No.2 is located in close proximity with train station, malls and lots of restaurants. It is tucked away off the main street though so you don’t hear traffic noise from your room. Be sure to check out the Round One Aracde steps away from the hotel if you like playing crane games!

Single Person Room

Toyoko Inn is the best way to save money on accomodations in Japan! Travelling can add up quickly so we’re happy that Toyoko Inn allows us to save a few dollars. Plus, we always look forward to its yummy Japanese breakfasts each morning. When we stay at Toyoko Inn, we see a lot of Japanese people staying and we can see why it’s such a beloved hotel chain even with locals. We hope you will like this hotel chain as much as we do!

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