Owning a Corgi in Vancouver – You Need to Know

Owning a corgi in Vancouver? Or you’ve gotten a corgi already? We thought we were super prepared for getting a corgi. We read all the online info, talked to people and watched Youtube videos to bring Truffle back to Vancouver.

However, there are just some things we wish people had told us! We found these tips are necessary if you’re a new puppy or corgi owner in Vancouver. We have some basic stuff in our last post if you’re interested and now get ready for a deep dive of things you should know.


Owning a corgi in Vancouver (one of the rainiest cities!) is no joke. You better be prepared for it. We were so sick of walking Truffle or playing with him in the park and then having wet sneakers that never seem to dry.

You’ll want to invest in a nice pair of waterproof shoes. Lots of companies make them but we decided to go with a Vancouver company called Vessi for ours. It’s a blessing to have dry socks even when you’re running through the mud and rain with your corgi puppy.


In our last post we suggested you get grass patches for your patio. We know not everyone can get fresh patches of grass so our next recommendation is get the fake stuff. Have it delivered straight to your door and boom, you’re ready to go!

This is a life saving hack for those early puppy days when your puppy still needs to pee every 30 minutes or so. A further hack we found is if we line the fake grass with puppy pads underneath, it lasts longer for some reason. If you don’t have a patio, you can consider keep the faux grass patch in your apartment but we prefer for it to be outside.


Congratulations! You’re the new owner of a corgi puppy and you want to take him or her out for walks. Get ready that no matter where you go, people will stop you and want to talk to you about your puppy. Doesn’t matter if your puppy is doing his business or you’re at the park.

Sometimes this could be annoying especially when you’re busy or you’re trying to train your puppy. However, don’t forget that socialization with other dogs and humans are an important part of your puppy’s learning. You don’t want him to just be around you all the time.

Since your corgi will be meeting a loooot of people, why not make him look good? We’re big fans of getting cute harnesses and bandanas so he’ll look cuter. And yes, people will ask to take pictures of him so make him Instagram ready!

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