Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

We’re used to going to dim sum just the two of us so it was nice to be able to sit down with my parents at Dynasty in Vancouver for a meal. Since we had gone during a long weekend, we made sure to make reservations. Still, we had to wait about 10 minutes before we were seated.


Since we had 4 people and we were lazy about thinking what to order, we decided to order the Dim Sum Set #2. For $59.99 this menu includes:

  • BBQ Duck (half)
  • Dumpling in Soup
  • Turnip Cake
  • Pork Dumpling (siu mai)
  • Black Sesame Pudding

All 4 of us absolutely love BBQ duck so I wasn’t surprised when this dish disappeared quickly. The duck had a nice smoky flavor and the skin was crisp even though they added dribbled savory sauce on top.

Soup Dumpling

These dumplings are a childhood favorite of mine! I tend those avoid ordering these because they fill me up so quickly but since they came as part of the combo, I helped myself. Everyone at the table got their own bowl. I liked that the skin wasn’t too thick and that they were generous with the shrimp and pork filling inside.

Turnip Cake

Honestly, I felt like I could make this better at home. They put too few lap cheung (Chinese sausage) and dried shrimp in this. Don’t skimp out on ingredients, guys! It’s not a good look, y’all.

Siu Mai

Siu mai is another childhood favorite of mine! As with all siu mai, Dynasty used fatty pork to make this. It wasn’t cloyingly fatty like some places do it and I was pleased that it wasn’t overly salty.

Black Sesame Pudding

Black sesame pudding was the last thing to arrive. We were all pretty full by this point but it was nice to have something sweet to finish the meal.

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