CanAsian Ice Cream

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It is SUMMER and we are ready for some ICE CREAM! We recently learned about CanAsian ice cream, a Canadian company based out of Manitoba. We love that the flavors are Asian inspired and we were very excited to try them.

There are 6 different flavors to try from: Green Tea, Coconut, Mango, Honeydew Melon, Sweet Spice, Peace Lemongrass.

CanAsian Green Tea Ice Cream

We started off with a classic – Green Tea! Howie prefers a very dense matcha-y flavor in his ice cream whereas I prefer a light, subtle taste of matcha. This ice cream is more suited for people such as myself who likes a gentle matcha flavor that doesn’t overpower the creaminess of the ice cream.

CanAsian Mango Ice cream

Did you know that mango is my favorite summer fruit? This is the perfect ice cream for me! This flavor was so creamy and the mango flavor came out so strong! I added some chocolate wafers to go with my serving and it was the perfect combo!

CanAsian Sweet Spice Ice Cream

We weren’t quite sure what to expect with this ice cream flavor but we were so pleasantly surprised! The sweetness we come to enjoy in ice cream was still there but there was a touch of heat – perhaps from the cinnamon? This was an interesting flavor and we wish more ice cream makers would be innovative like this!

CanAsian Coconut Ice Cream

I made Howie guess what flavor this was and after a few seconds…he got it right! That’s a testament to how the coconut flavor comes out so cleanly in this flavor. It’s a refreshing flavor that we’ll be digging into all summer long.

CanAsian Melon Ice Cream

This is my favorite flavor! For some reason, it reminds me of my childhood summers in Hong Kong. It isn’t overpoweringly sweet which I appreciate a lot. The melon notes come out to play and I appreciate that it doesn’t taste artificial. I think I’ll be hogging this pint all to myself!

where to buy

CanAsian’s website has a great Where to Buy section to help you locate all the stores that carry the ice cream in your neighborhood. We found our pints at the Price Smart in Richmond, BC located at No 3 Road. It’s located in the specialty foods freezer. In our case, we found it alongside a ton of other Asian frozen desserts. Specifically, it was in Aisle 20. If you can’t find it in your store, it’s worth asking a store employee to check if they carry it.

We had so much fun shooting this post – this is Howie’s take on the sweet spice ice cream!

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